5 simple ways to save and reduce eCommerce packaging cost

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Any wise business owner wants to reduce packaging costs throughout the business.

Your company's supply chain is indeed evolving and it’s happening whether or not you like it. It’s up to you to decide what to do next.

It's important to balance what you want to do by finding the right help for different tasks and being cost-effective at the same time.
But the best way to save your packaging budget is not through your packaging, in the post we will be looking at there are 5 simple ways can do to save on your packaging cost:

#1 - Provide training to your staff.

Investing in your staff today can help your business save time and money tomorrow. Training should be done regularly to help develop skills, provide knowledge, and build confidence for the packaging and fulfilment process.

#2 - Creating a formal process plan with routine review cycles.

Creating a formal process for packaging is the first step to success. It is important to combine with a review process. Your business might overlook important steps that need to be reinforced or changed, which will lead to an inconsistent workflow.
“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.”
– John F. Kennedy

#3 - Reduced assembly and packing time

In this day and age, businesses are facing a lot of pressure on labour costs and to be competitive in their industry. Packing products properly is a time-consuming task. The additional layer of material needs to be wrapped around a fragile product and needs to use extra tape to secure the products. This is where the extra cost is often hidden. Quality packing design means that you can use less tape since the self-locking mechanism will keep it securely closed. 

#4 - Remove what’s not necessary.

Do you include extra marketing materials and thank you notes in the order?
It’s all good for the marketing department, but all additional tasks and costs to the fulfilment centre. Consider adding a QR code to your product or customising the emails your customers receive after their order is delivered to help to lower the packaging cost.
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#5 - Implement custom-made packaging

Lots of business use standard size box which is easier to find and available for small orders. However, some products are not protected by simply filling the box with void filler. Your products may need to be transported using custom-made, durable materials to minimise breakage. You should choose your packing material with safety and cost-efficiency in mind.

Final thoughts:

By assessing your packaging process, the goal is to improve efficiency and save money.
With high-quality materials, sustainable design, and a streamlined process, you can reduce the money that would normally go towards packing materials and invest it in other aspects of your business.

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