3 Common Mistakes Business Make When Deciding on Packaging

3 Common Mistakes Business Make When Deciding on Packaging

Packaging is the first thing that a customer sees when the delivery arrived at the door. It is important to make sure that you are using attractive and appropriate packaging for your product.

There are many mistakes that companies make when deciding on the packaging that can lead to unpleasant unpacking experiences and higher packaging costs for the business.

#1 - Start with measure the shipping box size, not the actual product size.

Larger packages mean more weight space and a higher transportation fee. We should always measure the length and width of your product to find the appropriate dimensions for your box. If you want to save on packaging costs, pay attention to how wide the gap between your product and your packaging is. On the other hand, by having appropriate packaging for your product, it can look professional to your customers.

#2 - Using inappropriate packaging materials in your shipping box.

It's not just about what you put in the box, but also how you pack it. Items with unique shapes and sizes will require a specific design. You may think that a void filler and honeycomb paper wrap could shield your items from external impacts, but they won't. Custom-designed packaging that is appropriate for the dimensions of your product, can decrease produce returns and refunds due to breaking.

#3 - Making it too difficult for customers to open the package

By making the packaging too difficult for the customer to open, the company is stopping people from experiencing their product. Customers are often put off by the level of difficulty in opening a package or the package contents so many layers to even get to the product. When customers don't have a good opening experience with a product, they might rate the product worse and are less likely to buy it again.

Final thoughts: How you design packaging matters

By avoiding these three mistakes and having effective packaging, it can help your business have more satisfied customers, and keep costs low. Also, the customer unpacking process is one of the most important parts of the customer experience. The process matters because it ensures that customers are satisfied and they will come back again in the future.  Take advantage of our free consult:

Packpal is there to provide support and ongoing consulting to support businesses to improve efficiency and save money. We offer packaging solutions and help you every step of the way when switching to air column packaging. Just send us a message for a quick chat.

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